Each resident now has a spacious private room with their own bathroom.    Rooms have either vinyl flooring, which looks like hardwood, or modern carpeting making the room seem more homelike.  Stylish furniture and a large flat screen television await the resident.  The large room can easily accommodate a comfortable recliner, extra seating for guests, a small refrigerator, and of course personal items and mementos that are important to each resident .  


Private rooms are available to each resident

at no additional cost, regardless of their financial resources.


Since the remodeling, our residents are happier and more comfortable.  More space and a greater degree of privacy encourages visitors.  These improvements allow residents, families, and friends to spend more quality time together. 

Come for a visit and take a tour of our nursing home.


We have created a place you would want to be, rather than a place where you had to go.


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